Fuel Filter Video

The fuel filter keeps contaminants like dirt, water, and rust out of your vehicle's engine. Some fuel filters are located inside the gas tank, while others are fitted into the fuel line, between the tank and the fuel pump. If your car, truck, or SUV is losing power while driving in Oconto, misfiring, or stalling, your fuel filter could be the culprit. Fuel filters are often inexpensive, but key components in protecting the engine from hazardous foreign particles and contaminants. It’s important to replace fuel filters at the manufacturer's recommended interval to avoid expensive repairs. If your fuel filter gets clogged, you may risk damaging your fuel pump and your fuel injectors, which can be more costly than the initial replacement of the fuel filter. Give 41 Auto Stop a call at 920-834-2011, if you suspect your fuel filter may need to be inspected or replaced.